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  • The club's emphasis is on prototype operations.
  • A 4-card waybill system is used to route 24 trains in a typical operating session.
  • All operations are controlled by a Digitrax DCC system with up to 8 operators at one time.

Design Principles

  • All bench work is cantilevered against standing posts.  There are no support legs at the front on the layout.
  • Except for one yard, there is no hidden trackage.
  • Grades are less than 1/2 percent over the entire layout.
  • The walk-in design has no multi-levels, bridges or duck-unders (except for one to enter the staging yard).
  • Except for the town and yard areas, all the track is on spline roadbed made from 1/8 hardboard cut into 1" strips and glued together with wooden spacer blocks.


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