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2/20/2012 - Layout Progress Pictures

1 Amboy Mountain Lions

"Mike Armstrong has some added danger at Amboy in the form of Mountain Lions - Gotta' watch those Iowa Mountains!"

2 Amboy Rustic Bridge

"Mike Armstrong has added a rustic country bridge.  It certainly went up faster than the I-74 bridge!"

3 Amboy Rustic Bridge

"Mike Armstrong has some wolves attaching a deer.  It kinda' looks like a Republican Candidate Debate."

4 Galt Barge

"Bill Whitworth has a new barge under construction at Galt."

5 Midland Yard Town Setting

"Bill Whitworth has been adding details (signs, buildings) to the town surrounding Midland Yard."

6 Red Rock Switchboard

"A new switchboard for the Red Rock Steel Plant is being installed"

7 North Burlington Diode Matrix

"This matrix has been in operations for some months but this is the first picture of it operational!"

8 New Colfax Road Crossing

"Larry Brown is installing a road across the Colfax station tracks. Hopefully, we can avoid the phrase "Don't be silly.  I don't hear any Tra----."

9 Stock Pens at Morris

"The stock pens at Morris are now filled with future sirloin steaks!"

10 Run-Down Barn

"Bill Whitworth has completed an old barn for the landscape around Randy Roger's rebuilt Knox area. Ey-Ai-Ey-Ai-Oh .....

11 Rebuilt Knox Area

"The rebuilt town of Knox no has additional industries."

12 Water in the Morris River

"Ron Rahn has poured the Magic Water in the Morris River.  Soon the barge, the birds and maybe even an alligator will appear in the water!"

3/31/2012 - Open House Pictures
13 Rock Island Bankruptcy Blue Bill McQuitty Special #1

"Dale Morrow's Rock Island SW8 #821 (in glorious Bankruptcy Blue colors)."

14 Rock Island Bankruptcy Blue Bill McQuitty Special #2

"In our club, a train consisting of just an engine and caboose in known as "Bill McQuitty Special" after one of our former members."

15 Rock Island Bankruptcy Blue Bill McQuitty Special #3

"Rear view of the special - a contrast to the long coal train.  This is our shortest train!"

16 Rock Island Bankruptcy Blue Bill McQuitty Special #4

"Dale Morrow's son Nathaniel taking control of the McQuitty Special!"

17 Rock Island Bankruptcy Blue Bill McQuitty Special #5

"Last run."

18 The Looooooooooong Coal Train #1

"Jim McMahon's extremely long coal drag (at least for the Midwest Southern) has its head at Henry and its tail at Morris."

19 The Looooooooooong Coal Train #2

"Only two engines are pulling the Jim McMahon Coal Drag here at Henry."

20 The Looooooooooong Coal Train #3

"The long coal train is making its way around Horseshoe Curve."

21 Amboy Steamer

"A steamer waits at Amboy to take another run around the layout."

22 Thomas the Tank Engine

"Thomas is waiting to take another run around the layout"

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