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4/2/2011 - Open House Pictures

1 Dale Morrow's Parents & Son

"Dick, Carol and Nathaniel Morrow have come to see where Dad goes on Monday Nights."

2 Dale Morrow's Parents

"Where did we go wrong with our son :-)"

3 Dale Morrow's Rock Island #284 0-6-0 Steamer

"Rock Island 0-6-0 #284 on the passing siding at Galt."

4/25/2011 - Layout Progress Pictures

4 Mike Armstrong's New Henry Road Bridge

"Mike has completed the scenery transition between Henry and Amboy with this elevated bridge background."

5 Kramer getting some new Industries

"The new track design is in a Kramer and new industries are popping up - flour mill, package delivery, etc."

6 Interlocking Tower at Paw Paw Interchange #1

"Bill Whitworth has create an Interlocking Tower for the derelict Paw Paw Interchange.  It helps to have a visible name for the place."

7 Interlocking Tower at Paw Paw Interchange #2

"MOW (Maintenance of Way) equipment is now stored on the former Interchange trackage at Paw Paw."

8 Albertsville Commissary

"The finished commissary now as new (old weathered) look by Bill Whitworth."

9 Albertsville Road Construction

"Just like all the other roads in Illinois this year. we have road construction.  The Albertsville main street is being resurfaced with paving bricks."

10 Working Signals

"Tom Rasmussen and Jim McMahon have installed 30+ working signals on the layout.  No more cornfield meets on the Midland Southern!"

11 April Operations Night

"Ken Roehrs, Mike Johnson and Eric Viall keeping operations alive on the Midland Southern."

12 Colfax MOW

"Besides the Paw Paw Interchange, we have MOW equipment on a spur at Colfax.  Nicely weathered by Bill Whitworth."

13 Midland Yard North End Improvements #1

"Roads, Scenery and Railroad Structures for the MS rail organization are springing up at the northern end of Midland Yard."

14 Midland Yard North End Improvements #2

"The MS Rail HQ has a multi-level office building as well as an LTL Freight House."

11/28/2011 - Layout Progress Pictures

15 Dave Piskorik in Midland Yard

"Dave is handling Midland Yard duties during the November 2011 Operating Session."

16 Eric Viall Switching Amboy

"Eric is switching the town of Amboy during the November 2011 Operating Session."

17 Tom Rasmussen Switching Colfax

"Tom is switching the town of Colfax (without picking up the cars!) during the November 2011 Operating Session."

18 Ken Roehrs Steamer 2605

"Rock Island Steamer 2605 exiting the bridge over Morris during the November 2011 Operating Session."

19 Ken Roehrs Testing Throttle

"Ken is testing the range or the club's wireless - oops make that wired throttle.  Watch out for the whiplash!"

20 Ken Roehrs and Logistics

"That's Logistics! (ask Ken about the prototype scene ....)"

21 Knox as a Ghost Town

"Only the tracks remain in the ghost town of Knox.  Randy Rogers is starting

22 Kramer Implement Dealership

"The Kramer Implement dealer now has blue, red and green tractors!"

23 Kramer New Tracks

"In this view, you can see the new rack arrangement to accommodate new Kramer industries as well as service the steel mill across the river."

24 Albertsville MOW Buildings

"Bill Whitworth has completed the MOW buildings around the corner from Albertsville."

25 Galt Barge

"Just add water and the Galt river scene will be complete!"

26 Galt Diner

"Galt now has a diner with a new of an oil dealership, girder bridge and blue Styrofoam!"

27 Morris Barge Under the Bridge

"The Morris Barge is nearly complete but is taller than the space between the river and bridge bottom!"

28 Morris Barge Top View

"The Morris bridge may have to be replace with a moving or lift bridge to accommodate the new barge ..."

29 Red Rock Steel Mill

"The Red Rock Steel Mill will be moved to its permanent home after the Kramer Bridge is installed."

Future Layout Progress Pictures



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