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1 Randy's Curve

"Named for the first man to run a train off the tracks."

2 Eagle

"The scenery is mostly in."

3 Pre-Kramer Farm

"If you listen closely you can hear the theme song from Green Acres ..."

4 Kramer

"Much like the Seinfeld show ..."

5 Red Rock (Power Plant)

"Main destination of coal trains."

6 Newton

"Home of a church and cemetery."

7 Newton Cut

"The scenic exit after passing through Newton."

8 Zion Interchange

"Visible exit of the hidden staging yard (North Burlington and South Island)"

9 East Toulon

"Very picturesque town and main passenger train destination."

10 Toulon

"The other exit of the hidden staging yard (North Burlington and South Island)."

11 Amboy

"A very busy passing siding with many industries."


12 New Switchboard

 Ron Rahn is designing the new master switchboard.


13 October Operating Session

 Our new dispatching switchboard in operation.

14 October Operating Session

 Our new dispatcher trying to locate train 201 - The Ghost Train.

15 October Operating Session

 Beware of Ken the Dispatcher ....

16 October Operating Session

 The Bill McQuitty Special Training Train.  Next month, we'll add a boxcar!


17 Scenery Construction At Henry #1

 Master Scenery Artist Bill McQuitty is wetting down the plaster rock face.

18 Scenery Construction At Henry #2

 Bill McQuitty is demonstrating how to color a rock face (in Iowa?).

19 Scenery Construction At Henry #3

Bill McQuitty continuing to work despite comments from so-called "friends".

20 Wiring At Henry

When asked "What Can Brown Do For You", UPS guy Ken Roehr not only delivers the wiring but installs it!

11/11/2006 - K & Railway

21 Full View of the K&R Railway

Ken and Ron demonstrating their K&R N-Scale at the QCA Trainshow.

22 Where the K and R Comes From

Proud owners of the K (Ken) & R (Ron) Railway.

23 Demonstrating DCC for N-Scale

The K&R Railway is fully DCC equipped with multiple trains running.

11/28/2007 - TNT Operation Night

24 Brandon Wehe Operating Near the Central Computer

The TNT Layout has a central computer that can run multiple trains without operators.

25 Eric Vaill as the Lone Operator

Eric Viall as the "Lone Operator" since everyone else is eating pie by this time.

26 Ron Rahn Directing Traffic

Ron Rahn is assisting in directing the two-man QCSME/TNT teams.

27 Watching the Trains Up the Grade

Either everyone is watching the train go up the grade or else the Bear and Lady HO figures have been moved again ...

28 Joint QCSME/TNT Operation Crews Group Photo #1

The pie is all gone so its time to take the Paul's daughter take the group picture ...

29 Joint QCSME/TNT Operation Crews Group Photo #2

More people (14) are smiling in this one.

30 Space, Space, Space!

This is just "one" of the three rooms making up the TNT layout.

31 Beep, Beep!

The Road Runner is winning against the Wile E. Coyote with a CNW locomotive!


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